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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Hair Questions:

Question: What is the difference between store brand hair color products and having your hair colored by a professional?

Hairstylists are trained to know what color and color basis are right for your particular hair type. Professional color is more conditioning and less harsh on your hair. Also, it is hard to properly apply color to your hair yourself because different sections of hair require different timing.

Question: What is the difference between professional hair products and over the counter hair products?

The ingredients. The store brand products are made of mostly water whereas the professional products are much more concentrated. With the highly concentrated products you use less, therefore saving money in the long run with a longer lasting product.

Question: I am trying to let my hair grow out. Should I trim it or just leave it alone?

You should trim your hair every three to six weeks. By not trimming your hair, split ends will break off shorter than if you cut it making the waiting time even longer

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